Windows Virtual Desktop offers virtualized Windows 7 and 10 desktop on Azure

Microsoft has announced the Windows Virtual Desktop service. With Windows 10 Enterprise, customers can now run Azure virtualized Windows 10 and 7 environments. Security updates for Windows 7 are part.

With Windows 10 on Windows Virtual Desktop there is integration of the Microsoft Store and different people can use the operating system on Azure. Office 365 ProPlus can also be used for scenarios with different users.

The support for Windows 7 is primarily intended to give companies the opportunity to run their old apps while they make the transition to Windows 10, Microsoft says . The security updates are free as part of Windows Virtual Desktop. Microsoft announced last month that customers with volume licenses for Windows 7 Professional and Enterprise will have to pay per system for Windows 7 Extended Security Updates . They can then receive security updates until January 2023.

The virtualization service is not only available for Windows 10 Enterprise, but also for Windows 10 Education. Customers only need an Azure subscription to roll out virtualized desktops. A public preview will follow later this year