Windows Terminal gets Quake Mode function for fast boot via shortcut

Microsoft has released a preview of Windows Terminal version 1.9. In it, the terminal is provided with, among other things, a Quake Mode function, with which users can open a terminal window anywhere in Windows via a shortcut.

The Quake Mode feature allows users to use the Win + `shortcut to open a terminal window, Microsoft writes in a blog post. This Quake window will then appear in the top half of the screen. Users can close the Windows Terminal through the same shortcut. The feature will not work if users are already using the Win + `shortcut for another shortcut.

Furthermore, version 1.9 of the Windows Terminal adds a menu that allows users to adjust their terminal settings. Currently, this is only possible by manually editing a JSON file. Users can further set the Windows Terminal as the default terminal app. The Cascadia Code font will also get an italic version.

Microsoft is also coming preview version 1.0 of its previously announced Windows Package Manager. This allows Windows 10 users to install, update or import packages via commands. According to Microsoft, the Windows Community repository currently contains over 1,400 packages, including Visual Code Studio and PowerToys. Users can also create private repos through the REST api.

Users running an Insider build of Windows 10 can install the Windows Package Manager from the Windows Store. According to Microsoft, the software will be available ‘soon’ for Windows 10 devices running version 1809 or later.

Microsoft is also introducing a preview version of its Azure Communication Services Calling SDK, which allows developers to add voice and video calling capabilities to their Windows applications. That feature should work on Windows devices with UWP support.

The Quake Mode feature. Image via Microsoft