Windows Phone 8.1 will get themes and Wi-Fi sharing features

Windows Phone 8.1 users can give other users access to secure Wi-Fi networks without giving the password. This is evident from a list of features mentioned in the SDK. There will also be a ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode in the operating system.

The function works via ‘Wifi Sense’, which is part of the datamonitor feature Data Sense. If other contacts also have a phone with Windows Phone 8.1, they can give it access to the Wi-Fi network without typing the password. That works via an internet service from Microsoft itself, but what the function looks like is unclear.

The Wi-Fi sharing feature is one of the new features developers have found in the SDK, which WPCentral has published a list of. WPCentral concludes based on that list and previous information that version 8.1, like 7.5 Mango, is a major update a few years ago. The site notes that it is possible that not all features mentioned in the sdk will be in the final version.

Users will also be able to install themes, which will eliminate the need for black or white backgrounds for the home screen, main menu and in apps. In addition, there is also a ‘Do not disturb’ function as in iOS or Samsung’s Android skin TouchWiz.

Earlier, many more changes that are coming in Windows Phone 8.1 came out. All devices will probably get an update. Microsoft will probably present the new version of its OS in March, the first updates will probably take place in May.