Windows 11 LTSC appears several years after 21H2-based Windows 10 LTSC

Windows 11 is getting a Long-Term Servicing Channel release, and it’s likely to appear in three years. Microsoft will then support the LTSC version of Windows 11 for five years, as well as the upcoming LTSC Enterprise release, which is based on Windows 10 21H2.

Windows 11 LTSC, the version of Windows with relatively long support, will be released in 2024 at the earliest, according to comments made by the company during an ask me anything session, which Petri noted. Microsoft reports that anything can happen in that time frame, but that Windows 11 LTSC will receive five years of support.

That’s about as long a support period as the upcoming LTSC release of Windows 10 Enterprise. It will appear later this year and Microsoft will base it on the 21H2 release of Windows 10, of which test releases have since been released.

Microsoft will support the LTSC release of Windows 10 for a decade, but that will change with the upcoming 21H2 release. The current LTSC version of Windows 10, based on version 1809, will retain its 10-year support and will not expire until 2029. There are two LTSC variants: Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC and Windows 10 IoT Enterprise. The IoT Enterprise edition retains ten years of support. The LTSC releases are intended for systems that need to run on a single version of the OS for a long time.

Unlike Windows 10, Windows 11 doesn’t get two major updates per year, but a single one, with 36 months of support. With this, the company meets IT administrators. According to Microsoft, the decision to release a single feature update per year was made in response to feedback.