Windows 11 beta uses Windows Terminal as command prompt alternative

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Microsoft has released a new Insider Preview of Windows 11 in the Dev Channel. The most notable change is that the default command line tool has now been changed to Windows Terminal. Command Prompt and PowerShell will still exist.

The changes are in Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25188. Microsoft has those now released. In that build, Windows Terminal becomes the default terminal for the operating system. According to the company, this means that all applications that open via the command line, such as via the command prompt, will now run via Terminal. The Command Prompt and PowerShell will still be available in the operating system. Users can change the settings to continue using Command Prompt instead of Terminal. Microsoft says Windows Terminal must be at least version 1.15. Microsoft already announced that change in December, but is only now implementing it in beta.

Build 25188 has other changes as well. For example, there are new keyboard settings for those who work on touch screens. Users can better control when that on-screen keyboard does and does not appear, for example if a user does not connect a keyboard. The build also has many bug fixes, such as a fix for the Explorer that crashed in some cases. Microsoft also says in the release notes that it has started showing ads in the Store’s search results.

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