Windows 11 23H2 rolled out in two phases: when will you get the update?

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Microsoft has started rolling out the 23H2 update in two phases. End users who update manually will receive the update first.

In the first phase, which started on September 26 this year, Windows 11 end users will first receive a 22H2 update. For example, this update, which contains security features, introduces Microsoft Copilot. This update will first be available to end users who manually perform their Windows updates, writes Windows Central.

The rest of the features will be available at a later date, probably November 2023. The version will be permanently adjusted to Windows 23H2. No need to reinstall the operating system.


The new update mainly focuses on devices that provide the best update experience. These are mainly new devices and configurations. During the upgrade, other issues may also influence the update process, such as incompatible drivers, applications, security software and the location of the device.

After availability for manual upgrade, the 23H2 update will be implemented automatically later this year. Users can also wait for that.

For users who still have their device running on Windows 10, the upgrade to Windows 11 23H2 is slightly more complex. They will first be given the option to upgrade to the current version with the Windows 11 2022 update. This is basically a new installation of the operating system.

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