Windows 10 S can only use browsers that run on EdgeHTML

Browsers such as Chrome and Firefox will not come to the Windows Store in their current form and can therefore not be used on Windows 10 S. This is apparent from the Store’s policy, which states that apps use the Windows HTML and Javascript engines. Must use platform.

Developer Eric Lawrence noted in a tweet Note that Microsoft’s Windows Store Policies state that all apps that provide browsing functionality must use the Windows Platform’s HTML and Javascript engines. This concerns EdgeHTML, the engine on which the Edge browser is based. Microsoft added the passage in question in January.

Microsoft now uses a similar rule to Apple, which only accepts browsers based on WebKit, which Apple’s own Safari browser also uses. According to Microsoft, this is a security measure. The software maker emphasizes this in a statement that was sent to MSPowerUser, among others.

Third parties are allowed to offer browsers in the Windows Store, but only if they use the same engine as Edge. Google’s Chrome is based on Blink, a fork of WebKit, and Mozilla uses the Gecko engine for Firefox. It is unlikely that the major browser makers will make versions of their software with the EdgeHTML engine.

On Windows 10 S, only apps from the Windows Store can be installed. Microsoft introduced the operating system as a special version for cheap laptops intended for education. Shortly after the announcement it became clear that it is also not possible to change the default browser or search engine.