Windows 10 Insider-build gives Edge pop-up on installation Chrome and Firefox

Insider builds of Windows 10 version 1809 show a pop-up that redirects users to the Edge browser when they want to install Chrome or Firefox. It is not yet clear whether the pop-up will also be included in the final release.

Among other reports of the pop-up. It is a window that tells Edge is already on the computer, with the message that this is a faster and safer browser. It is possible to choose install anyway . It is also possible to disable the message, for this purpose the app-recommendations should be turned off in the Settings menu.

Microsoft has been advertising its Edge browser in Windows 10 for some time. This happens, for example, as users with search engines Bing search for Chrome or Firefox. The new pop-up will also be shown if users want to install an alternative browser via a different route.

Between 2010 and 2014, Microsoft had to offer Windows 10 users a browser-selection screen from the European Commission. That obligation was imposed because Internet Explorer had a market share of more than 90 percent, through bundling with Windows. Other browsers could not match that. Edge according to Statcounter currently has a market share of 4.2 percent. That is less than Internet Explorer, which still has a market share of 7 percent.

Microsoft has added the pop-up to the Insider-builds of Windows 10-version 1809. That is the version formerly known as Redstone 5 and officially the name Windows 10 October 2018 Update gets. Microsoft could still choose to leave the pop-up out of the final version


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