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who ensures that the data does not disappear?

The company that is now inextricably linked to the Facebook data scandal has been dissolved, reports The Wall Street Journal . Not surprisingly, of course: nobody wants to be associated with the company anymore and so all customers walk away. In addition, the company is faced with rapidly increasing legal costs in the aftermath of the scandal.

Both Cambridge Analytica and the parent company SCL Group will be dissolved and will file for bankruptcy. However, the latter is not mentioned in a statement. In the same statement, the company is ready to report that they have been “the subject of several unfounded accusations” in recent months.

“Normal method”

Despite Cambridge Analytica’s attempts to contradict this, the company says, in its own words, that “activities that are not only legal, but widely accepted as a normal working method for both political and commercial online advertisements. ”

Attention is paid to the company, because the fear among the research committee that the data abuse has to look at is that Cambridge Analytica will now erase all data and archives under the guise of company closure. “Research into their work is of enormous importance,” says chairman of the British parliamentary committee, Damian Collins.

Data disappeared

He is right, because it is a real danger: nothing as easy as a semi-maleficent company would cease and then ‘quickly’ let the data disappear, and then you will no longer find out as a researcher what exactly happened. Facebook will also not be inclined to help itself more firmly on the cross nail, so hurry is required.

Whether the assets of the now bankrupt company are seized is not clear, but if the authorities are sensible, they make sure they are on the spot at Cambridge Analytica to ensure that nothing can be stashed away. Otherwise Mark Zuckerberg of course never finds out what happened to his data

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