WhatsApp update: warning for suspicious links and more

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WhatsApp has had a new update with a number of useful functions. Time to put version 2.18.90 of the app on your iPhone!

WhatsApp update: suspicious links

Do you remember that a phishing message recently went on WhatsApp, that claimed that KLM gave away free tickets ? The accompanying link seemed to go to the KLM site, but those who looked good saw that there was a crazy sign: under the k there was a small point. WhatsApp recognizes these links in the future, and then warns you with a striking red bar and a warning sign. If you click on the link, you will receive a notification: whether you really want to open the suspicious link. You have been warned

Pictures in notifications

If you receive an app with a photo, you will see a preview of it in future. Until now you always saw only camera-emoji, with the text ‘photo’ and you had to open the app to see the picture. That is no longer necessary: ​​wipe over the notification or use 3D Touch and you will see the picture immediately in the notification. Also works with gifs.

Please wait a bit

Keep in mind that WhatsApp is rolling out the new functions little by little among all users. Even if you have the most recent version on your phone, it can take a few days to work for you too.

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