WhatsApp comes with new group chat features

WhatsApp has again rolled out some new functions for groups for managers and regular members of a group. For example, users can now definitively leave a group without being added back each time. And administrators can no longer be removed from a group that they have created themselves. This is how WhatsApp announced in a recent blog post.

What exactly is new:

  • Group description: It is now possible to set the guidelines, the purpose or the subject of the group for group information. If a new person is added to the group, this information will be shared with him or her at the top of the chat.
  • Group catch up: If you have not been active for a while, it is now possible to get up to date of all messages that were addressed to you. By clicking on the new @ button (bottom right) you can quickly and easily see all the messages that are directed to you.
  • More rights for administrators: As administrator of a group it is now possible to remove the rights of other administrators. In addition, the founders of a group can no longer be removed from the group they started themselves.
  • And as administrator, it is now also possible to indicate who in the group has the opportunity to change the subject, image and information
  • Search function for participants: you can now also search specifically for a person in the group, you do that via page with group information.

It should be clear that WhatsApp these new functions are fully focused on group discussions. Groups now have an important role in the messaging service which now has more than 1 billion users worldwide. Everyone is nowadays in one or more groups, so more functionality was desirable.

The functions will be rolled out for users of Android and iOS in the coming days.