WhatsApp activates Stickers function in app

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WhatsApp has received support for Stickers, pictures that users can send each other to express, for example, an emotion. Developers can make stickers, but they have to place apps in the Play Store or App Store.

When users install apps, the stickers are automatically available within WhatsApp, writes the chat app . There is a button in WhatsApp from Friday to send a sticker in a conversation. Users have to click on the emoji button in the text area, after which it is the last option after emoji’s and gifs.

WhatsApp has put sample apps online for developer to quickly add their own artwork and to publish stickers. However, it requires a developer account with Google and Apple to be able to publish stickers in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store

This means adding own stickers is much more complex than with competitor Telegram, who has been in the position for several years now . In Telegram is a Stickers bot, where users can send their pictures. If they meet the requirements, Telegram makes a sticker pack that is available to everyone with the url. In addition to Telegram, Facebook’s other chatapp Messenger also had support for stickers. That WhatsApp would get stickers, the company previously announced .

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