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Wehkamp adds ar-view to iOS app

Webwinkel wehkamp has added ar-view to its iOS app. The application uses Apple’s ARKit to give users the opportunity to place furniture virtually in their environment at full size.

For the time being, the augmentedreality view only works with furniture from the Wehkamp Torino series. Users of the Wehkamp iOS app can scan their room with the camera of their iPhone and then place a sofa or armchair in the area. It is possible to place multiple furniture at the same time in an environment.
Wehkamp says in his announcement that more furniture will be available later this year for ar-display. The functionality only works with iPhones, from the iPhone 6s with at least iOS version 11.0. The company says the feature is not yet available for Android devices, but does not indicate whether such functionality comes.
Ikea released its Place app for iOS last year, which also uses ARKit. The app from Ikea contains thousands of products that can be placed virtually in an environment.

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