Waymo Autonomous Cars Include Intel Xeon Chips

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Intel has been collaborating with Google’s Waymo project for autonomous vehicles for years. Waymo’s Chrysler Pacifica cars feature Intel processors, fpgas and modems. The chip giant has independently invested $1 billion in artificial intelligence.

The self-driving Chrysler Pacifica minivans include Xeon processors, Arria FPGAs for image analysis, Gigabit Ethernet adapters and XMM modems for LTE connectivity. “By working closely with Waymo, Intel can give its fleet of vehicles the processing power for Level 4 and 5 autonomy,” said Intel CEO Brian Krzanich. Level 4 stands for driving with a high degree of autonomy, level 5 means that the car can function completely autonomously.

According to the CEO, the Waymo cars have collectively driven nearly three million miles on American roads. It was recently announced that Fiat Chrysler was joining Intel’s partnership to develop autonomous driving technology. BMW is also part of this association.

Intel sees growth opportunities in the automotive market, but also wants to play a central role in the development of artificial intelligence. The company claims to have invested one billion dollars, converted 833 million euros, in companies involved in artificial intelligence. The company cites as examples the company Mighty AI, for training datasets, DataRobot, for automating machine learning, and Lumiata, which focuses on the use of AI for the health market.

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