Watch Dogs: Legion won’t get multiplayer modes until early next year

Watch Dogs: Legion should have gotten its multiplayer modes next week, but Ubisoft has delayed its release. The online mode will follow early next year, as the creators first want to resolve current issues in the single-player part of the game.

In a statement , Ubisoft said some players are dealing with “technical issues that prevent you from enjoying the game.” The publisher says the development team is committed to fixing those problems. For a number of issues, the company is releasing a new patch this week for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox Series S and X. In addition, this update introduces a number of non-performance improvements, such as the possibility of manual save games. the pc.

However, not everything has been solved with this patch. In order to spend more time on solving the problems with the single player, it has been decided not to release the multiplayer modes on December 3, but sometime early next year. According to Ubisoft , this means that there is also more time to test this online experience and release it properly. These multiplayer modes include all kinds of pvp challenges, but also a special Robot Wars pvp mode and missions and free-roaming for two to four players in co-op.

Ubisoft says more improvements and quality enhancements will be released for Watch Dogs: Legion next month, such as stability improvements and further graphics optimizations for the PC, “to reach our goal of a consistent 60fps for relatively powerful GPUs.” Stability issues have been reported by a variety of players on a variety of platforms including crashes and stutter. The Xbox One X can also have a 404 mission bug, where the One X can overheat, after which a crash can occur.