Wargaming fires World of Tanks director after pro-Russian statements

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Publisher Wargaming has fired a director of World of Tanks after he spoke on social media about the war in Ukraine. In the now-deleted message, the director is said to have supported Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

It is about the director Sergey Burkatovskiy. He worked on World of Tanks for Wargaming. The studio distanced itself from the statements after Burkatovskiy’s message on social media. Burkatovskiy has announced on Facebook that he is away from the studio. In a statement to PC Gamer, Wargaming also confirmed that Burkatovskiy is no longer working there.

Wargaming is originally from Belarus and still has its largest studio there. The country’s government does support Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Wargaming also has a studio in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. Fighting has taken place in the vicinity of the city in recent days. Wargaming said on Monday that it is doing its best to support the more than 550 employees from Ukraine in their flight from the country.

The company also announces that it will donate 1 million dollars to the Ukrainian Red Cross. In addition, Wargaming has temporarily halted its advertising campaigns for its war games in Ukraine. The company does not consider it appropriate to advertise its games while there is a conflict going on in the country.

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