Warframe is going to use extra compression to shrink game size by 15GB

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Developer Digital Extremes will use Oodle Texture to reduce the textures of free-to-play shooter Warframe. The quality difference is minimal, according to the developer, but it must ensure that the game takes up at least 37 percent less storage space.

The first update will be released next week, the developer writes on the Warframe forum. This makes the game 6.6GB smaller. The update itself is 6.5 GB in size, because remastered textures have to be downloaded. Having to download new textures is also why Digital Extremes has split the game down into three updates. Otherwise, users would have to download one major update, which is undesirable according to the developer.

In the first update, the Lightmaps will be adjusted. The other two updates have yet to be released this year. After the three updates, the game should take up “at least” 15GB less storage space on PCs. A ‘comparable’ difference should be visible on ‘most’ other platforms. According to PC Gamer, the PC version of Warframe now occupies 40.2GB. The plans then amount to a reduction of about 37 percent.

Oodle Texture is a compression technique that rate-distortion optimization used to shrink files without degrading the quality too seriously. For example, the software does nothing with ‘unusual’ textures, to prevent an ugly result. Digital Extremes claims that the files with Oodle Texture are reduced by half, while the visual differences are ‘minimal’.

The original files first, then the Oodle Texture compressed files

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