VW considering recalling Golf VIII due to infotainment system problems

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Volkswagen would consider recalling all copies of the Golf VIII already delivered due to software problems related to the infotainment system. The car manufacturer would have to replace a part and make a software update.

Volkswagen would put the cause of failing infotainment systems of the Golf VIII with a part that is responsible for controlling the software. That writes the Frankfurter Algemeine Zeitung, which has been informed that the manufacturer will voluntarily recall all 56,000 delivered cars to replace the part. VW has delivered 26,000 units in its home country of Germany, 30,000 units in other European countries. The car has been available since the end of 2019.

The newspaper writes that the navigation can fail and that the infotainment system sometimes stops responding. Only turning off the vehicle completely would then help. Buyers must take their Golf to service workshops for the update. The maintenance would take an estimated five hours and victims would then be eligible for a replacement vehicle. VW would notify customers of the recall by letter in the coming days.

FAZ also writes about the problem that the touch-sensitive bar for adjusting the radio volume and the air conditioning of the infotainment system is unlit at night, rendering it effectively unusable. VW would not be able or willing to retrofit this lighting, so this problem would not be repaired.

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