VR game Transformers Beyond Reality will be released on SteamVR and PSVR at the end of this year

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Hasbro announces a Transformers VR game to be released before Christmas this year. The game is made by Meta4 Interactive, a small studio that also made a VR arcade game with the same theme.

The game is called Transformers Beyond Reality and is coming to Sony’s PlayStation VR and SteamVR platforms, Hasbro announced. The toy company showed a short trailer and gave some details about the plot of the game, but not much is known about the game yet.

According to Hasbro, the Autobots will take on the Decepticons in the game. In doing so, the Earth and Cybertron must be saved from destruction. A Twitter account of the makers describes the game as an arcade-like first person shooter in VR. Also, the account writes that the game coming out just before christmas.

Transformers Beyond Reality is made by Meta4 Interactive. That is a small game studio from Montreal that was founded in 2010 and was initially called Minority Media. That studio has a number of VR games to its name, such as Time Machine VR and The Other Room. It is also the creator of Papa & Yo.

Meta4 Interactive previously made a Transformers VR game: Transformers VR Battle Arena, developed for arcade halls. That game is not available to consumers at home. Hasbro is collaborating with multiple parties on Transformers games. For example, Niantic is making the AR game Transformers: Heavy Metal, which should also be released later this year.

Video begins with Transformers Beyond Reality announcement

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