Voxel game Teardown in which everything can be broken is released in Early Access for 20 euros

Teardown has been released in Early Access. This game is made by an independent developer and has a game world that consists of voxels and can be completely destroyed. The game is only available for the PC and currently costs 20 euros.

In Teardown, players must plan and execute the perfect heist. Gamers are provided with hammers, firearms, explosives and vehicles, among other things. The game is especially notable for its environment, which consists of voxels and can be completely destroyed.

The game also has realistic physics of objects, vehicles, water, fire and smoke, according to the developer. The game also supports software ray tracing, which does not require a video card with additional ray tracing cores.

The Early Access version of Teardown includes a game campaign in which gamers play a business owner. That company is under pressure due to an increasing debt, forcing the player to hire ‘shady individuals’. In the beginning of the game campaign, according to the developer, players still have to perform ‘somewhat legitimate’ jobs, but later this turns into large-scale robberies. The game also features a sandbox mode where players can destroy levels on their own. Furthermore, users can create and import their own levels with the free MagicaVoxel software.

Developer Dennis Gustafsson makes Teardown completely independent. The game was officially revealed in 2019, and last month Gustafsson announced that the game would go into Early Access at the end of October. The developer expects the game to remain in Early Access for about a year. Teardown is currently only available on Steam. The game had well over 8,000 simultaneous players around release, according to SteamDB.