Volvo is considering building a battery factory in Ghent for 300,000 cars a year

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Car manufacturer Volvo is considering building a second battery factory at its site in Ghent. According to CEO Geert Bruyneel, this could be a large factory where battery packs for about 300,000 cars are produced per year.

Batteries for electric cars are already being assembled on the Volvo Car Ghent site and Volvo is considering building a second battery factory on the same site in Ghent. Volvo’s head of global production, Geert Bruyneel, confirms this, according to HLN. He states that the future of the Ghent factory is assured for many years to come and that talks are underway to set up a second factory. “Part of that story is a giga battery factory,” it sounds.

With such a so-called ‘giga’ factory, Volvo would be responsible for the entire battery assembly line and battery packs for approximately 300,000 cars would have to roll off the production line per year, according to De Morgen. These should serve, among other things, for the electric cars of the car manufacturer itself. Volvo wants to stop producing fossil fuel cars by 2030. Volvo currently produces two electric vehicles in Ghent: the XC40 Recharge and the C40 Recharge.

According to the newspaper De Morgen, the decision to build the battery factory in Ghent is not yet final. Other locations in Sweden are mentioned. That is why Flemish Prime Minister Jan Jambon would consult with the top of Volvo about how the Flemish government can further support the car manufacturer.

Volvo C40 Recharge

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