Vodafone changes composition of TV offer and announces price increase

Vodafone is adding the premier league channels of Fox Sports 1 and History Channel to its basic TV package and there will also be a new Fox Sports Complete package. The provider allows the introduction to coincide with price increases.

Fox Sports 1 Eredivisie HD and History Channel will be added to the basic package on August 1. As of September 1, Vodafone will increase its monthly prices for basic TV subscriptions by EUR 1.50 to EUR 15 per month for customers who ordered Interactive TV after July 21, 2015. Anyone who purchased Interactive TV before that date will pay 2.50 euros more per month. The provider justifies that increase with the recent addition of Begin Missed, TV Anywhere and Disney Channel.

Vodafone is also launching a new sports package. For 12.50 euros per month, customers can purchase Fox Sports Complete, which includes Sports 1 Eredivisie HD and five other Fox sports channels, which broadcast foreign football, tennis and American sports competitions. Customers can also use Fox Sports Go for viewing on mobile devices.

Finally, Vodafone is increasing the call rates for Vodafone Thuis. Instead of a starting rate of 10 cents, customers will pay 11 cents and the minute price will increase from 9 cents to 11 cents.