VMware Fusion beta supports arm version Windows 11 on Apple silicon

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VMware has released a beta of virtualization software VMware Fusion that supports the ARM version of Windows 11 for Apple-silicon-enabled Macs. The company added fast encryption to its virtual TPM chip, a graphics driver and network driver.

VMware, like competitor Parallels, uses a virtual TPM chip to run Windows 11. The developer states that its virtual version of the chip supports fast and full encryption, meeting the Windows 11 system requirements that TPM version 2.0 requires. Users can choose to encrypt only the most critical parts of the virtual machine’s local storage via Fast Encryption, i.e. all the files the virtual machine needs to run, via Full Encryption. According to VMware, each of these options creates a secure enclave for the sensitive data, just like a TPM module in a PC does in practice.

The beta also includes a graphics driver that will help render Windows 11’s 2d interface. This allows Windows 11 to be run on a Mac at a resolution of 4k or higher. A network driver is also included that allows the use of a virtual network adapter in Windows 11.

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