Vivo shows concept smartphone with detachable fold-out camera

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Vivo shows a concept smartphone with a pop-out camera that can be disconnected. The camera can then be used remotely. For the time being it is a concept. It is not yet known whether Vivo will actually take the technology into production.

The Chinese manufacturer shows a video of how the concept should work on Weibo. The video shows a smartphone with a fold-out camera, which is connected with a special connector and can be disconnected. The camera should work wirelessly after disconnected. According to the video, the phone will have an alarm function that warns users if they leave the disconnected camera somewhere.

A render of the concept can be found on the Red Dot Design Award website. Vivo has received such a design award for the idea. The Chinese manufacturer calls its new concept Vivo IFEA. Vivo has shown several concept smartphones in recent years, such as the Apex 2020 with a camera behind the screen. In 2018, the company showed an Apex concept device, half of the screen of which serves as a fingerprint scanner.

Vivo was the first manufacturer to release a smartphone with a pop-up camera. The Chinese manufacturer did that in the Vivo Nex from 2018. Several manufacturers later released smartphones with fold-out cameras, including OnePlus, Xiaomi, Asus, Motorola and Samsung.

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