Vivaldi 4.0 with built-in email and calendar client and translation feature comes out

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Vivaldi has released version 4.0 of its browser. It is one of the biggest updates to the Chromium browser, which includes a built-in email and calendar client. Vivaldi 4.0 will also have its own privacy-friendly translation service.

Vivaldi himself calls the new browser ‘a real alternative to big tech’. It is one of the biggest changes to the browser in years. An important addition is that of an e-mail and calendar client that can be called up in the browser itself. Users can import existing inboxes via imap or pop3, or it is possible to create their own Vivaldi address. The email and calendar features were previously available in a beta version of the browser. The makers do warn that Vivaldi Mail and Vivaldi Calendar are still in beta phase. In addition to e-mail and a calendar, the browser also has a built-in RSS feed.

Also new in the browser is a built-in translation service. It’s simply called Vivaldi Translate. The feature is based on Lingvanex, with which Vivaldi has entered into a collaboration agreement. Vivaldi hosts the Lingvanex software itself, so translations don’t go to that company, but to the browser maker’s servers. With the translation service, which was also announced earlier, users will see an automatic translation button in the URL bar.

The browser is available for Windows and macOS as well as Linux and ChromeOS, and for Android phones.

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