VirusTotal expands number of scripting languages ​​in which malware can be recognized

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VirusTotal expands the number of scripting languages ​​that can be analyzed for vulnerabilities. The operation of the malware is then explained in natural language. Initially there was only support for PowerShell files, but now cmd has also been added.

The total list of scripting languages ​​currently supported is not given. VirusTotal calls in his blog post only Command Prompt, Batch, Shell and VBScript. The maximum file limit has also been doubled, so that larger files can be analyzed for malware. In addition, VirusTotal promises that the Code Insight tool’s descriptions will be “more concise” and “focused,” with a “greater emphasis on code behavior.” Finally, the user interface has been modified, so that now only the first lines of the malware report are displayed directly.

The number of supported scripting languages ​​and maximum file sizes are planned to be expanded in the future. It should also later become possible to analyze binaries and executables and, in addition to the code itself, also to analyze ‘contextual information’.

Code Insight was released in April. The AI ​​tool can scan potentially dangerous files uploaded through VirusTotal for malware. The tool can then indicate in ‘normally readable language’ what is in the code and what the program does. The tool also indicates what certain parts of the code do. According to VirusTotal, Code Insight only looks at the actual code and not metadata or data added by antivirus software. VirusTotal says that researchers will therefore still have to verify the results in order not to draw the wrong conclusions.

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