Version 10.14 of macOS seems to get improved dark mode

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Images have surfaced online showing a dark mode of macOS. The mode darkens both the menu bars and the backgrounds of bundled software. The theme is likely to be available in version 10.14.

The images were shared by app developer Steve Troughton-Smith, which she posted on Twitter. Smith captured the images from a video preview of the Xcode 10 development software, which he found in the App Store’s API. The video can be found on YouTube.

The images just show the new version of Xcode, which has also been given a dark theme. However, it is also visible how all menu bars, including the dock, have been given a dark appearance. The trash can icon has also been darkened and there appears to be a new dark background, which may change to a lighter image if the dark theme is turned off.

Currently, a dark theme already exists in macOS, but it only darkens the top bar and dock, leaving the rest of the operating system with its normal theme. Obviously, the theme displayed in Xcode extends to other applications, such as Finder and the settings menu.

Apple itself hasn’t announced anything about the dark theme yet, but more information is expected to become available during the WWDC trade show, which takes place between June 4 and 8 next week. The company will probably talk about iOS 12, tvOS 12 and watchOS 5.

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