Valve updates Portal 2 to allow for larger levels

Valve has updated Portal 2 with the main change being that the 100MB limit for Workshop levels has been removed. This allows for the arrival of bigger mods and levels to the platform game.

In addition to removing the 100MB file size limit for Steam Workshop levels, the update includes some fixes and rendering optimizations. Also added command-line parameters for starting a demo for benchmarking purposes.

Removing the file limit for Workshop can breathe new life into the game. This allows mods to develop more extensive and complex levels and mods. Such mods appear regularly; For example, last month the Portal Reloaded mod was released with 25 puzzles and a portal gun that can also shoot portals for time travel.

Portal 2 appeared ten years ago and has received some minor updates with mostly fixes in recent years. On March 1, the game got enhanced support for the Vulkan API with performance improvements including antialiasing on AMD hardware.