Valve makes Steam Family Sharing available to everyone

Valve has made the Family Sharing feature available to every user on its Steam platform. This allows all Steam users to share purchased games with others. It is not possible to play the same game on two systems at the same time.

Family Sharing was announced last September and was available in beta, but the service is now available to everyone, Valve says. Players can now share their entire game library, allowing different gamers to play the same game. Up to ten computers can access one game library, and achievements and savegames are linked to accounts and saved to the Steam Cloud. The account holder must identify the player with whom they share their library as a second step of authentication.

However, a game cannot be played on two systems at the same time and not all games can be used for Family Sharing. If one of the designated players is logged in, the account holder will be given priority: the guest player will be warned that they still have five minutes to log out. He is then offered the opportunity to purchase the game.