Valve is working on new Steam smartphone app with QR function for faster login

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Valve is working on a new version of the Steam app for phones. The app will receive a new interface, better notifications and a function to log in to the platform with a QR code.

Valve reports that the new Steam app available as a beta for Android and iOS. The company invites users to sign up for the beta and provide feedback about the new app. “We are still adding features, fixing bugs and improving the app,” the game company wrote.

According to Valve, the app will get a more modern interface with improved notifications. The app also gets support for multiple accounts. Users can also use their smartphone to log in to a PC via a QR code, as is also possible with Discord, for example. To use that feature, users also need to install the beta version of the Steam desktop client. Features from the current app will continue to be available in the beta version.

The developer does not share images of the new app itself, but on Twitter screenshots have appeared. Navigation between the Steam store, News, Steam Guard and notifications is now via a bar at the bottom. In terms of design, the UI is reminiscent of SteamOS 3, which was introduced with the Steam Deck.

It is unknown when the new app will be available to all users. The beta version can be installed by anyone. At the time of writing, the iOS beta test is full due to Apple’s TestFlight restrictions.

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