Valve is testing new Downloads page and Storage Manager in Steam

Valve is working on a new design for the Downloads page in Steam. For example, the beta client shows how far along the disk allocation process is and better indicates what is being downloaded. There is also a Storage Manager to switch games between drives.

With the latest Steam Client Beta, users can already try out the revamped Downloads page. The new design is “more focused with stronger Calls to Action,” according to Valve. For example, the header shows which game is currently being actively downloaded.

When updating or downloading a game, the update also provides more information. For example, the progress bar now shows how far Steam is updating or installing a game. Previously, the client only showed how far Steam is downloading; in the beta, the progress bar also shows how far along the client is with disk allocation. This disk allocation procedure can take longer than downloading an update in some cases, while the current stable progress bar makes it seem like the update is almost installed. This should therefore be displayed more clearly in the beta client.

Furthermore, the download page now shows more clearly what is being downloaded: game content, DLC, Workshop content or shader pre-caching. Partially downloaded games or updates will also show how much of the game or update has already been downloaded.

PC Gamer also notes that a Storage Manager is included in the update. With this Storage Manager, users can see more clearly per disc and game how much storage space is being used and whether it is games, DLC or Workshop content. Users can also move games from one drive to another here. It is unknown when the Storage Manager and revamped Downloads page will come to the stable Steam client.

On the left the new Downloads page, on the right the Storage Manager (source: Windows Central and PC Gamer respectively)