Users Report Chromecast Ultra Overheating With Google Stadia

Users are reporting that their Chromecasts are overheating while using Stadia. The device sometimes switches itself off automatically, according to the users. Google says no heat issues were discovered during “extensive testing” for Stadia.

Reddit user Armadeon7479 was the first to report the issue. The user states that his Chromecast went down while playing Destiny 2 and lost connection to the network. When Armadeon7479 tried to unplug the device, the Chromecast turned out to be “extremely hot,” according to the user.

Several Reddit users are reporting similar issues. One person claims to have experienced two outages; another user states that Chromecast Ultra devices always get warm during use, especially when Stadia is streaming 4k content. According to the user, his Chromecast has already turned off “a number of times” after prolonged use. Streaming Stadia content may be more “intensive” than typical videos, as Stadia games are typically streamed at a higher frame rate.

Google reports on Reddit that heat production while using the Chromecast Ultra is normal. In addition, the company states that it has verified that the Chromecast Ultra has no problems with overheating. “The team has extensively tested the hardware, services and games, including tests with long usage sessions of Stadia.” Google indicates that no problems were found during these tests.