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Users Google Pixel 3 dock report problems with notifications

Users of Googles Pixel 3 smartphone experience problems with notifications when using the corresponding dock. After the smartphone is removed from the dock, notifications on the ambient display are no longer displayed.

Several users of both the Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3 XL have reported the problems in combination with the Pixel Stand, the corresponding dock. Android Police reported about the problem and also managed to reproduce the bug with the Pixel 3 and the XL version. Experience shows that the Pixel 3 smartphones no longer show notifications on the ambient display as soon as they are removed from the Pixel Stand. The ambient display is the part of the screen that stays on, for example, to show the time or to show notifications. This is mainly used in OLED screens because they have the ability to turn individual pixels on and off, so that the entire screen does not have to be turned on continuously.

According to Android Police, users of the Pixel 3 who are bombarded still hear a message that a notification has arrived, but on the screen, it is not visible. For the time being, the only solution seems to be to restart the device. Then the problems reoccur when the smartphone is placed on the Pixel Stand and taken off again.

Google has announced that it is investigating the phenomenon but gave no further details. As a result, it is not yet clear where the problems are caused by. It is likely that a software update will be issued to correct the problems.

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