Use in-ear headphones correctly for the best sound

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Thanks to the AirPods, wireless earbuds experience a real tree. Every renowned audio brand nowadays has to have so-called “True Wireless Earbuds”. But unlike Apple with its AirPods, many companies opt for the in-ears. If used correctly, this has a lot of advantages for both the fit in your ears and the sound quality. Probably also the reason that Apple has switched to this form with its AirPods Pro. However, when people do not use in-ears correctly, they cause a pressure feeling in your ears or they fall out too easily. Moreover, you usually miss all low frequencies in the music. In this article, we will use the Teufel’s wireless earbuds, the Airy True Wireless and the Airy Sports, see how to use in-ears correctly for the best sound.

Tip 1: choose the right attachment

Most in-ears come with different attachments for the ears, usually in the sizes S, M and L. With most manufacturers (and also Teufel) it is just a matter of trying. Which “ear adapters” feel the best and provide the best sound? Apple even has another test to find out the perfect fit of the AirPods Pro.

Tips 2: this is how you insert them properly

Everyone has slightly different ears, so there is no universal guide on how best to place in-ears in your ear. That’s why it’s important to find a routine for yourself. However, there is a good tip that will work for everyone: pull your ear back a bit with one hand and up when you insert the in-ears. This widens the ear canal and makes it easier to insert the in-ears into your ears as comfortably as possible.

Tip 3: this is how you recognize that the in-ears are good

Can you hardly hear anything from the outside world when the in-ears are in your ear? That feels a bit strange at first, but that’s exactly how in-ears should work. This way you know that the in-ears sit well in your ear. Because they are also fairly deep in your ear canal, you hardly notice the weight of the ears and there is therefore no pressure feeling.

Using in-ears correctly

Is the sound not good or do the in-ears fall out of your ears? Below we have collected possible problems.

For example, the attachment may be too large. In that case, the in-ear will only sit loosely in your ear and will likely fall out if you move too much. Moreover, the sound easily penetrates outside and is therefore not optimal for the customer.

On the other hand, if the attachment is too small, there is too much air between the earplug and the ear canal. Because the sound is partly directed outwards as a result, you often miss all the bass. The wearing comfort is also not great because the device wobbles in your ear and slips easily.

Finally, it may happen that the in-ear is tilted in your ear and therefore does not close properly. Plus, parts of the sound are reflected before they reach your auditory nerve – and that sounds weird.

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