USB-C-equipped iPhone X sold on eBay for $86,001

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The USB-C-equipped iPhone X by robotics masters student Ken Pillonel has sold on eBay for $86,001. The student mentions that the buyer will receive a prototype that should not be used as a daily telephone and may not be opened.

In October, Pillonel posted a video to YouTube of the iPhone X equipped with a USB-C port. Earlier this month, he shared more documentation about the project, which indicated that the student had reverse engineered how to get the Lightning-to-USB connection working. He made his own pcb with components, which he placed between the battery and the Taptic Engine of the device.

Pillonel guarantees that the black iPhone X, which he has called the “world’s first iPhone with USB-C”, will function when received. However, if the stated instructions are not followed, the buyer bears full responsibility. Those instructions mean that the modified iPhone X may not be restored or updated. Also, the content may not be erased, the phone may not be opened and the device may not be used as a daily telephone, Pillonel said.

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