US Senate holds a hearing with Google, Apple and Amazon on privacy

The US Senate will hold a hearing in two weeks about privacy and data protection at large companies. The Senate has invited representatives of six major tech companies to talk about their policies in those areas.

Besides Google, Amazon and Apple, Twitter, Charter and AT & T also talk about privacy, writes the American Senate . Charter is the second largest cable operator in the US, AT & T is the second largest mobile provider. Why the Senate has not summoned the largest fixed and mobile provider is not known; this is Comcast and Verizon Wireless.

At the hearing, the senators of the companies want to know how they deal with privacy and data protection and how they implement the European legislation AVG and new Californian regulations on the area of ​​privacy.

Although all companies have sent a representative, it is not in any case the highest boss of the company. It happens more often that large companies appear in Washington. That happened last week, when Twitter and Facebook at the Congress and House of Representatives were allowed to give public explanations about influencing elections via their social networks.