US invests $50 million in domestic production of PCBs

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US President Joe Biden has earmarked $50 million under the Defense Production Act to invest in domestic and Canadian PCB production capacity. According to Biden, this is important for national defense.

In a memo writes the president that pcbs, advanced packaging, their associated components and the systems to produce such systems are considered essential to national defense. “Without presidential action, U.S. industry cannot reasonably be expected to provide timely capacity for needed industrial resources, materials or critical technology,” he writes. Advanced packaging refers to the ability to stack and mount multiple devices on a single electronic device.

It is about expanding domestic production. According to Biden, this is necessary to prevent shortages of the necessary materials and systems, which in turn could affect national defenses. The industry has been asking for such a step for some time. Reuters quotes a lawyer who states that this speeds up contracts and purchasing processes.

In a press release of the US Department of Defense defines PCBs as essential components in all electronics used in the defense apparatus, as well as for other industries such as energy, health and sustainability.

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