US companies allowed to cooperate with Huawei on telecom standards

The US government has eased trade barriers it has imposed on Huawei on telecom industry standards. American companies are allowed to work with the Chinese group on, for example, 5G standards.

In concrete terms, the extension means that American companies do not need a license to release technology when participating in a standardization organization in which Huawei is also a member, for the purpose of changing or establishing a standard. That writes the US Department of Commerce, the Commerce Department.

It concerns an amendment to the Entity List, which Huawei remains on. This is the list of companies that US companies are not allowed to trade with. According to the US, there is a significant risk that Huawei may be involved in activities that go against the country’s national security or foreign policy.

The change, on the other hand, would actually benefit national security, claims the trade ministry, by “facilitating US leadership in standardization organizations.” According to the ministry, US involvement will affect the future of 5G, autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies. With this, the US wants to maintain its grip on the setting of technical standards. This is not only important in terms of security, but also economically.