Update Vive Focus 3 Expands Tracking Space to 990 Square Meters

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HTC is releasing an update that allows the Vive Focus 3 headset to track 990 square feet of virtual play space and share maps with other headsets. In addition, Wifi 6E is enabled in the device and that should improve the user experience.

HTC reports on a support page that the Vive Focus 3 headset with the update will be able to track a much larger virtual gaming space. Currently, the sensors in the Location Based Entertainment Mode on the Focus 3 headsets can analyze and track an area measuring 15 by 15 meters. In the update, that will be increased to 30 by 33 meters, which means an area of ​​990 square meters. In addition, that area will soon no longer have to be a square or rectangle; it can also be polygonal, according to HTC.

HTC also adds a Map Sharing feature in the update. This allows a local VR map, and all its relevant dimensions, to be instantly shared with other headsets. Multiple Focus 3 headsets can base themselves on a single and the same map and also track players in this map. Visual Odometry Mode now also makes it possible for users to skip the initial setup process and go directly to 6DoF mode.

The software update also activates a hardware feature of the headset, that of Wi-FI 6E. According to HTC, the low latency and high bandwidth of Wi-FI 6E will contribute to the user experience. The technology makes it possible to connect to even more devices at the same time.

HTC Vive Focus 3

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