Update that makes Tesla’s Autopilot safer is gradually coming

The update that should make the Autopilot function of Tesla cars safer was released on Wednesday. Despite this, not all Teslas get it right away, because the manufacturer is gradually making the V8.0 update available for its cars.

The gradual release of the update is necessary due to the ‘many car configurations and many environments’, stilt Tesla founder Elon Musk on Twitter. It is unknown when the last cars will get the update.

The 8.0 update was announced last week, with the intention of improving the safety of the self-driving software. After implementing the update, the car should mainly use the radar to map the environment, which previously mainly relied on the camera. It should also become more difficult for drivers to ignore warnings from the system.

Tesla has recently been criticized for the self-driving features in its car, after it turned out that a number of accidents had occurred with Autopilot switched on. One example is an accident in the United States where the system was unable to distinguish a white truck from the ‘background’. Authorities are still investigating this accident, which left one person dead.