Upcoming Lidl smart home equipment also works with Hue Bridge and IKEA Trådfri

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Lidl’s upcoming smart home equipment, which works with the Zigbee protocol, is compatible with the Philips Hue Bridge, IKEA Trådfri and Osram Lightify Gateway, the base stations of those three brands. The lamps, sensors, sockets and base station will be on sale on 27 November.

Lidl shows thirteen different products on its smart home page. These are LED lamps, RGB LED lamps, door and window sensors, smart sockets, RGB LED strips and more. The base station that Lidl offers costs 19.99 euros, cheaper than the Hue Bridge and, by a smaller margin, also cheaper than the Trådfri gateway.

In addition to Zigbee and compatibility with Philips and IKEA systems, the Lidl hub itself also offers compatibility with Google Assistant. The app offers the possibility to set the color and brightness of lamps, and to divide them into groups. Batches of settings can be applied on a schedule, based on weather conditions, when a device changes status or simply with a command.

The LED lamps with fitting gu10, e14 and e27 all cost 9.99 euros and have a light intensity of 280, 470 and 806 lumens respectively. Those who prefer RGB lamps with 16 million different colors will pay three euros more each. The supermarket chain sells the door and window sensor for 12.99 euros, the ‘intermediate plug’ for 9.99 euros and the two-meter LED strip for 29.99 euros. No reference to these new products can yet be found on the Belgian Lidl site.

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