Unity acquires remote desktop company Parsec for $320 million

Unity, the company behind the game engine of the same name, has reached an agreement with Parsec about an acquisition. Parsec is known for its remote desktop technology, which works with high resolutions and frame rates and low latency.

With support for 4k resolution, a frame rate of 60fps and a high color depth, Parsec is suitable for streaming games and for working on games, which Unity says is increasingly moving in real-time 3d.

For example, Parsec’s technology allows developers to work from home without the need for powerful hardware. According to Unity’s press release, Parsec has become a popular solution for this with companies such as EA, Ubisoft and Square Enix. Many companies that use Unity also use Parsec’s services.

Unity wants to respond to this and sees growth opportunities by offering bundled services from its engine and Parsec. The company seems to focus only on game developers with the acquisition and not on solutions for streaming games to users. There is nothing about that in the press release. Developers also use Parsec to, for example, let journalists play previews of games remotely.

It is not yet known whether anything will change in the availability of Parsec as a separate app and service after the acquisition. Currently, an individual license costs $10 per month. A professional Parsec Teams license costs $35 per month per user.

Unity will pay $320 million in cash for the acquisition. Converted that is currently 273 million euros. The acquisition is expected to be completed in the third quarter. Parsec was founded in 2016 and Unity has been around since 2005.