Ubisoft confirms the arrival of looter shooter The Division 3

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Ubisoft announced on Thursday that it wants to release The Division 3. The Swedish studio Massive Entertainment, which also created the previous games in the series, will work on the looter shooter. It is not yet known when The Division 3 will be released.

In a press release, Ubisoft writes that Julian Gerighty will oversee the development of The Division 3 as executive director of the entire The Division franchise. Previously, he was the creative director for The Division 2 and its expansions. Gerighty is currently still working on the open world game Star Wars Outlaws. Therefore, development on The Division 3 will only begin once Star Wars Outlaws is released next year, says Ubisoft.

The final game in the series is The Division 2, which was released on March 15, 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows. In the meantime, work is underway on the spin-off The Division Heartland, a free-to-play shooter for PC, current and previous generation consoles. This is made by Red Storm Entertainment. In addition, Ubisoft is developing the mobile game The Division Resurgence. Heartland and Resurgence are due to be released this year, but no release dates have been announced yet.

Source: Ubisoft

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