Ubisoft banned more than 91,000 Rainbow Six Siege players for cheating last year

Ubisoft banned a total of 91,112 player accounts in 2020 for cheating in Rainbow Six Siege. According to Ubisoft, this is becoming a growing problem and will be using an automated method to detect cheating players this year.

Ubisoft says the number of 91,112 accounts banned is a new record for the game and represents a 44 percent increase from the number of bans issued in 2019. According to the company, improved detection methods, detailed reporting options and data sharing with the anti-cheat tool BattlEye were important factors that contributed to the increase.

For 2021, Ubisoft will focus more on a specific method that was partly applied last year: detecting and sanctioning cheating gamers based on player data. Specifically, this method would have resulted in 4,500 extra bans between August and December last year.

The idea is that this allows cheaters to be detected faster. As far as the data is concerned, it’s probably mostly about detecting unusually good scores that players set. Previously, this was mainly contested on the basis of complaints from other players. Ubisoft says it is satisfied with the accuracy of the new automated system, although the actual bans will still be handed out manually for the time being.

Other measures Ubisoft is committed to is expanding two-factor authentication in more regions as players play for the leaderboards. This obligation of 2fa was introduced at the end of 2018. Furthermore, the publisher wants to do more against burner accounts. To this end, bans from BattlEye are linked to those from Steam Valve Anti-Cheat, which means that banned players on that game platform can no longer receive a refund for their games.