Two screens next to each other: iPad comes with a new approach

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Sometimes it happens: you watch a really interesting YouTube video on your iPad, but suddenly you remember something important to look up. Recognizable? In that case it is useful to use two screens side by side. This is possible thanks to Split View! You activated this feature on iPadOS 14 by dragging the second app you want to use to the left or right side of the screen. iPadOS 15 makes this just that little bit easier!

Two screens next to each other iPad: this is how you do it

Three gray dots: these are now your best friends if you like multitasking. They make it possible to use two screens side by side on the iPad. You activate this Split View function as follows:

  • Open the first app you want to use.
  • Tap the three gray dots at the top of the screen.
  • Choose the middle option; now the home screen reappears.
  • Then open the second app.

The two apps then spread across the entire screen of the iPad. It is also possible to adjust the sizes by means of the vertical bar between the two open screens, in the middle of the entire iPad screen. By holding this bar and then dragging it a little to the left or right, you can give one of the two apps a little more space than the other.

Unfortunately, you cannot determine the sizes of the two screens yourself: the main screen takes up three-quarters of the entire iPad screen, while the other app only occupies a quarter of the screen.

Turn off split-screen iPad

Do you want to close one of the two screens? No problem! Turning off a split-screen on the iPad is very easy. You can also do this by means of the vertical bar in the middle of the screen. It’s simple:

  • Hold the bar.
  • Swipe the app you want to close completely to the far side of the screen.

The remaining app will then completely fill the iPad screen, just like when you are using a screen. Do you want to open another second app right away? Then simply repeat the steps!

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