Twitter web users can now delete followers without blocking

Twitter has made the ability to remove followers, without blocking them, available to all web users. The feature was first tested last month and should help make the follower list easier to manage.

A follower can be removed from the follower list on their own profile page. In the drop-down menu to the right of the follow button, the user can choose to remove a follower. The follower will not be notified and can also follow the Twitter profile again, if they wish. The option had been tested for some time, so some of the users had the option to remove followers. That feature will be accessible to all users, writes Twitter Support.

Twitter regularly tests new features to combat harassment and unwanted comments on the platform. Earlier this month, the company announced that it testing a new function where Android and iOS app users will see a warning in heated conversations.

Since July, it has been possible to select which users can or cannot respond to a tweet after it has already been posted online. In August, Twitter began a test that will give Twitterers the ability to report misleading Tweets.

Source: Twitter