Twitter user plays Zelda music on calculators

A Twitter user has shared videos of him playing the “theme songs” of some games on a calculator. The keyboardist has, among other things, printed the music of The Legend of Zelda and Pokémon from his calculator.

The Twitterer, who listens to the alias @atarimae_400, used the AR-7778 for his musical endeavors. This device is a calculator that produces musical notes with keystrokes. Atarimae uses several of these devices to interpret some iconic pieces of music, which doesn’t sound wrong.

The musician shared digital performances of the Zelda tune on Twitter, but the creative does not stop there. He also plays the theme song of the first Pokémon games on his AR-7778. Classical pieces of music such as Mozart’s Piano Sonata No. 11 are also squeezed out of the calculator. Anime theme songs such as Neon Genesis Evangelion’s are also included.

In addition to Twitter, Atarimae’s musical expressions can also be listened to on YouTube. Although the musician is less active on this platform, there are still 41 videos on the channel.