Twitter urges users to share tweets via Twitter after taking screenshot

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Twitter is testing a pop-up notification that should encourage iOS users to share a Twitter message via the Twitter platform after having previously screenshotted it. It is not clear whether the pop-up notification will eventually be rolled out to all users.

A Twitter spokesperson conducted the test to TechCrunch confirmed and states that it is for the time being a test with iOS users. It is unclear whether the company also wants to conduct tests on Android users. The company says it wants to inform its users about other ways in which they can share a Twitter message, other than taking a screenshot. According to TechCrunch, this pop-up notification fits Twitter’s plans to keep more active users on its platform. After all, they could lead to more income.

Not all users will see the same message. Some iOS users will only see an option to generate a link from a Twitter message via the popup, others can share the Tweet directly to Twitter via the popup.

Twitter popup notification

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