Twitter tests way to follow ‘conversations’

Twitter is working on a feature to make it easier to track long-running conversations. With a button, users can then be notified when a new message is added to a conversation.

The button is called “subscribe to conversation” and should become discoverable in the Twitter app if the plans are continued. For the time being, the option would only be available in a test version of the Twitter software. In a comment, Twitter itself know that the new functionality is part of the aim to make the social network more conversational.

If the new functionality is also added to the regular Twitter app, a button will be added to message threads; pressing that button ensures that the user receives a notification when a new message is added to that series. Now it is still necessary to like a tweet or to post a comment yourself to receive a notification.

It is not yet known when the new functionality will actually be added. However, it is likely that after a short test, the ability to subscribe to message threads will become accessible to everyone.