Twitter makes it easier for users to forward tweets via DMs

Twitter wants to make it easier for users to forward a single tweet to multiple users. Previously, users often accidentally created a group chat, the platform writes. It should also be easier to search DM conversations.

Users can from now on choose how many individual Twitter users to forward a tweet to, DMing one tweet to up to 20 users. This feature is now coming to iOS and the web version in phases. “Soon” this feature should also be available for Android.

Two other new features should make it easier to search through long DM conversations. For example, the Android and iOS app will have a quick-scroll button to quickly scroll to the latest message. In addition, messages in the iOS version are grouped by date. For example, fewer timestamps come into the chat and it becomes less ‘messy’, Twitter writes.

The latest DM feature also appears only for iOS and allows users to long-press a message. When users do this, an ‘Add Comment’ button will appear so that people can comment on DMs. The features mentioned will be coming to Twitter “in the coming weeks.”